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Requiescere-The West Barwon Reservoir

Changing Weather Above Bolte

Comtemplation-The Awakening

Comtemplation - Ashore,

Still Falls Rain, Flinders Street Station

Requiescence-Offshore Port Phillip Bay


Requiescence-Port Phillip Bay 2.


The Aboriginal name for the Yarra River is Bay-ray-rung, the "River of Mists'. Julie-anne Armstrong-Roper has lived in Yarraville for 12 years and has long been fascinated by the winter mists and early morning summer fogs from the Yarra and Maribyrnong rivers.

These rivers represent a natural force in a cityscape - a landscape surrounded by industry and residents - a working river that flows by everyday, but changes with the seasons. Julie-anne's paintings are rich in colour, with a luminous quality that captures the watery atmosphere.

"If the river's edge was able to transform the cityscapes of London or Melbourne into a 'field of paint' I wondered if this was a way of breaking down the preconceived ideas that we brought to a new landscape: that what appeared in the grey of fog or the dark light of evening where colour was at its barest was the discovery of the essence of a place."

Julie-anne has exhibited in group and solo shows in Melbourne and internationally since 1991. In 2000 she had a solo show "Ten Pound Packages" at Australia House in London and this was a starting point for her recent paints: a city on a river. Julie-anne sees a familiarity between London and Melbourne, and has been inspired by Turner and Whistler in her images.

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