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Incandescent is a works where I have used the sky and all its moods not only to communicate my own emotions, but to invoke an emotional response from the audience. To me the weather is one of the most powerful elemental forces in our lives and can deeply affect the way we think and feel not only on a conscious level but also subconsciously.There is nothing like a blue sky to lift our spirits, whereas a grey and rainy one can have the opposite effect.

maritime art award finalists:

The frailty, isolation and changing emotions of humans are metaphorically portrayed by seascape, weather and stark silhouettes My painting is an attempt to communicate the feeling of displacement and humanity’s uneasiness at the impermanence of life.

“The offing was barred by a black bank of clouds, and the tranquil water-way leading to the uttermost ends of the earth flowed somber under an overcast sky– seemed to lead into the heart of an immense darkness.”
― Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

pause Button:

The opportunity to commune with nature has led many artists on personal journeys of self-discovery and exploration, opening up new vistas in their creative understanding.  Most people only glance at their surroundings but when you study the landscape with an intention of depicting it you gain a new appreciation for form, colour and light. The artistic process brings the viewer closer to understanding the ‘essence’ of a location.


I am attracted by the physical beauty of the Victorian landscape but when I come to express this in paint I find it is light and atmosphere that become the key elements. For me they evoke a strong emotional reaction and my aim is for the viewer to be drawn into the images I paint and experience the same.I often find subjects in the most unlikely places. The series of works, Colloquium – Lake Merrimu, depict a location just outside Bacchus Marsh. It is a Melbourne Water site and at first glance it seems unremarkable but look past the safety fences, picnic ground and warning signs and it has a quiet beauty. You can go up there mid- week and be the only person for miles, and as a bonus it’s close enough to Melbourne to be able to go and paint each day. Inspired by this atmospheric location I have painted a series of small studies and large panoramic views expressing a feeling of intense isolation and a sense of the frailty of humanity exposed to the elements.

still Life:

Still Life in the 17th century Dutch baroque style has always fascinated me with its simplicity and starkness. In the many weeks of lockdown during the Covid19 pandemic I began to look and appreciate more deeply the objects in my home environment. Turning to my art I placed these household items in a sea of black, as if disembodied from their domestic context I depicted them floating with their luminous colours glowing against the background darkness.

tEN POUND packages:

Ten Pound Packages is a multimedia exhibition based on interviews conducted with the children of British immigrants from the 1960s.  It records their experiences and thoughts on the subjects of immigration, social and cultural differences and the effect all of this had on their lives in Australia.The exhibition also compares current social attitudes that exist in Australia and Britain through Julie-anne’s interviews with people from from the same generation who chose to stay in the “mother country”.

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