An Australian Landscape.

Oil on Canvas. 183cm x 60cm.
Soliloquy-On Dargo.
Oil on Canvas. 122cm x 107cm.
Solitude – Cradle Mountain.
Finalist Glover Prize.
Oil on Canvas. 122cm x 107cm
Soliloquy-Tasmanian Highlands.
Finalist Glover Prize.
Oil on Canvas.
84cm x84cm.

Soliloquy- Australian Landscape.

A series of oil paintings both on canvas and plywood

For the past twenty-five years my works have explored the themes of human emotion. I have exhibited both in Australia and Internationally and was twice honored to be chosen as a finalist for the Glover Prize, one of Australia’s most prestigious landscape painting awards.

My works are not purely landscape, in most cases they are abstractions where I have used the weather as a metaphor for the emotive changes we experience through our lives. I use the land and sky with all its moods not only to communicate my own emotions, but also to invoke an emphatic response from the audience, uniting the external with the internal.

In the series of works, ‘Soliloquy, Sanctuary and Silhouette’, I have endeavored to use the whole landscape to express a feeling of isolation and the sense of human frailty exposed to the elements. They are works which express a sense of solitude evoked by the Australian landscape.

In my work use traditional materials and techniques yet I inevitably bring a contemporary sensibility to my subjects. Addressing existential themes such as the isolation of the individual soul, as experienced in the vastness of the landscape “Like most artists I experience life as separate from society because we are looking in at the world from another perspective”.

I create contemplative works, rich in colour with a luminous quality that captures the elemental forces of land and sky, and dramatic but transient meteorological moods. These mirror and become metaphors for human feelings and emotional change: uniting the external with the internal. My early output was figurative, but “faces started to drop out and eventually figures faded out of the works altogether. From then on my work has become more expressionistic, but I always make sure that at the finish the paintings are grounded, so that there are reference points for you to hold on to”.

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Solitude- Barossa Valley
Oil on Canvas
84cm x 56cm
Sanctuary – Storm Clouds Clearing.
Oil on Canvas.
107cm x 41cm
Soliloquy-Red Dawn. Oil on Canvas.
107cm x 92cm
Soliloquy-The Wind. Oil on Canvas.
92cm x 38cm
Soliloquy-Jackeys Marsh.
Oil on Canvas.
122cm x 76cm.
Soliloquy-Western Tiers.
Oil on Canvas.
91cm x 91cm
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